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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Arab Terrorists Should NOT have Trials

The State of Israel should not be offering proper criminal trials to Arab terrorists. They are not redeemable criminals. And the State of Israel, my and my neighbors' tax shekels should not be used to house, entertain, educate and give the Arab terrorists food and shelter.

This may not sound like modern, Liberal, Western morality/philosophy, but I don't care.
An Arab terrorist who is caught in the act should be executed on the spot!
That's it! Save us all the time and money. Don't give them a public arena to publicize their views. The orders to the police and military and anyone rescuing innocent victims should be SHOOT TO KILL!

Arutz 7, Tapuah Junction this morning. Photo by Yitzhak Amrani

This morning there was another attempted terror attack not far from where I live, at the Tapuach Junction, just a few miles north of Shiloh, east of Ariel.  The Arab terrorist was stopped in his tracks for good!

And those who are caught alive must be given the Death Penalty. Israeli Law must be amended to consider Arab terrorists no different from the Nazis, because they are worse than the Nazis were to the Jewish People. The Nazis wanted to kill all Jews, and the Arab terrorists want that plus to destroy the State of Israel.

More in My Car-less Traveling Saga

Crossposted on A Jewish Grandmother.

As most of you certainly know, we don't have a car. My husband's travel needs are relatively simple, so like many in the modern world he has no big problem commuting to and from work and other activities by public transportation. He actually enjoys the quiet time for napping and whatever. My travel needs are sometimes more complicated, but since there's no car on the horizon at all, I find myself enjoying periodic adventures.

Wednesday is my most complicated day of the week. Of course, it starts off simply enough, because I usually sleep at a friend's apartment Tuesday night. She's one of my "learning buddies," aka chevruta, so we travel together to Matan in her car, where we meet the rest of the group for our Al Haperek studies. After that we stay for Yael Ziegler's class,  "Kings, Prophets and Hurban,"  and then I rush to catch a bus plus in order to get me to Kochav Hashachar to teach on time.

In theory, it's possible to just catch the bus on Eshkol Boulevard if it's slightly delayed, though I frequently miss it. Last week as I rushed out of the light-rail (which I caught on Jaffa Street after getting off the 77 bus) at Ammunition Hill, I spotted the bus already standing at the traffic light. So I took a bus (after waiting a bit) to Sha'ar Binyamin and stood there for at least twenty minutes with a sign saying כוכב השחר KOCHAV HASHACHAR in my hands to attract drivers to that community who wouldn't have thought of stopping for me. It did help,and I got a ride and arrived on time.

So, yesterday, I decided to stay on the 77 until Eshkol Boulevard, although I knew I'd have to run a couple a hundred meters to a bus stop. As I caught my breath at that stop, I saw the 949--yes the bus to Kocahv Hashachar-- approaching. I signaled and got on very gratefully, thanking Gd for my great luck. I paid, sat down and relaxed. Everything was fine until about a half a kilometer from the city-line, the Jerusalem-Hisme border. The bus died.

So, I went out with another passenger to try to hail a bus or a ride at least to Sha'ar Binyamin or Hisme. The other buses wouldn't pick us up, because they are Egged Tavura and the 949 is Egged, so since it wasn't a proper bus stop they couldn't stop for us. Finally a young bearded man stopped, opened the door and said:

"Batya, come on in."
It ended up being a guy who had grown up in Shiloh, was my son's madrich, youth movement counselor, and my daughter had been his. He was on his way to visit his mother and was disappointed that he couldn't take me all the way home.

I asked him if I was crazy to get off at the Alon Road turnoff from Road 60, where there's a proper hitchhiking stop, with barriers and all. I've been asking many about it since there are many more possibilities for rides to Kochav Hashachar than Hizme and Sha'ar Binyamin. So that's where I got off.

Finally a young woman picked me up who was going to Kochav Hashachar and told me that it's a fine place to wait for rides. So now I know that I must find a tremp willing to drop me off there when I have to get to work.

And don't think that getting home from Kochav Hashachar didn't cause stress, too. There is no direct way, so I have to speak to other teachers and get a ride somehow.

Kochav Hashachar is just north of Rimonim and southeast of Shiloh. They are on the Alon Road, and Shiloh is on #60.

The best rides are when I'm taken via Kida/Shvut Rachel which at its worst will leave me a mile or kilometer and a half from my house. But recently, after hectic stressful searches for a ride out, which leave me with little patience to teach my difficult students, I end up with a ride that drops me off at Givat Asaf, the Beit El junction. When there I whip out my שילה SHILOH sign to attract drivers going north. That's what happened yesterday. I caught a ride, thanks to the sign of course, to the Shiloh Junction, where I got a ride to the Shvut Rachel-Shiloh Junction, then another ride to the middle of Shiloh where the stores and Kupat Leumit clinic are. And there I got tired of waiting, started walking up when a neighbor stopped to give me a ride to my door, B"H, thank the Good Lord!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why Sacrifice Amona? Letter Sent to The Jerusalem Post

I sent this letter a couple of days ago to the Jerusalem Post. Click to see how it appeared in the paper.

Prime Minister Netanyahu:
"We intend to examine the possibility of the residents being able to remain on the mountain, and even to stay as a community."
Dejavu... our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is talking out of both sides of his mouth, with forked lips or whatever colorful ol' euphemism you'd like to use.
We've heard this before. Haven't we?
Peaceful rural Amona has seen more than its share of violence when a few years ago houses were destroyed by the government for phantom/fantasy Arab "landowners," sic.
Bibi and Naftali Bennett went head to head concerning Amona, and Bennett blinked. No great surprise. We have a government which the media loves to label as Right wing, but those of us who are truly Right believe in the primacy of Jewish rights to live in our Holy Land and want the State of Israel to be fully sovereign, not just playacting when campaigning for our votes.
Why does the same government that is planning to move the tax-paying, productive and patriotic Jewish families in Amona legalize Bedouin squatter encampments in southern Israel and other locations?
Why can't the Regulation Law include Amona?
The Leftist establishment here in Israel expected Disengagement to break us, but we are bitter, not brittle. We are like the grape vines that grow through cracks in cement. We've survived many enemies, Jews as well as non-Jews. As we prepare to celebrate the Chanukah Holiday, we are reminded of the Hellenists who tried to adopt Greek values and endanger the Jews who remained loyal to Gd and Judaism.
When will we ever learn?

Batya Medad, Shiloh

The government sent storm troopers to destroy homes in Amona in  2006.
A settler struggled with Israeli security officers in 2006, when the Israeli government razed nine homes in Amona. Residents are preparing for another clash with their government. Credit Oded Balilty/Associated Press
A woman and her children in Amona, a settler outpost in the West Bank. Residents are trying to head off an order that the settlement be dismantled by Dec. 25. Credit Uriel Sinai for The New York Times

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Shiloh, Merkaz Ha'Aretz, The Center of the Country

It really bothers me when people here in Shiloh talk of going to "the Merkaz," the "Center," meaning the Israeli coastal area, just west of us. When I look at a map of Israel, it seems so obvious that we, here in Shiloh, are in the true "Merkaz Ha'Aretz," the Center of The Land and State of Israel.

To find Shiloh, look to the east (right) of Tel Aviv

Not long ago I was traveling with a friend who lives in a different Gush Shiloh Area community. She has also been in the area for a long time, and we were talking about the changes we've noticed.
"When we first came, everyone thought of Jerusalem as the nearby city, but now everyone goes to Ariel and Petach Tikvah when they need a mall or government services." She said.
I've also noticed it. In recent years we've gotten new families in which one of the couple works or studies in Jerusalem and the other more on the coast or the Jordan Valley, which is just a few minutes from Shiloh. By car you can get to Beit Shean in about the same time as the Malcha Mall, Jerusalem. And the Hod Hasharon and Petach Tikva malls are much more convenient. Of course Ariel is just a few minutes from Shiloh, Eli, Maale Levona and the smaller communities. Honestly, who needs Jerusalem unless you are working or studying there?

Yarkon Junction
We don't have a car, and I've found it surprisingly easy to get to and from the Yarkon Junction which is the key location for buses to that whole central area. Recently, I blogged about how easily I made it home from Ra'anana on A Jewish Grandmother.

For those who need to travel on Highway 6, it's not far, either. And remember that Ariel has an excellent and rapidly growing university, which is only ten minutes from here.

So if you're looking for great friendly communities and a convenient location, and housing costs lower than in other places, give us a try. We have schools, stores, clinics and houses under construction for a fraction of the price of an apartment in Jerusalem.

Monday, December 5, 2016

American Jews Should Rethink Their Worship of Democratic Party

There's some totally illogical worship of the Democratic Party by American Jewry which goes against logic and history. And even worse is the fact that in today's policies it's a hotbed of the support of BDS, Palestine and other causes/ideologies that delegitimatize the State of Israel and support its destruction, Gd forbid.

I am not exaggerating one iota here.

For some strange reason, although four term President Franklin D Roosevelt did everything in his power to keep Jews fleeing the Nazis out of the United States, at the same time American Jewry considered him their savior.

June 4, 1939: Jewish refugee ship turned away from Florida coast 
Carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees fleeing the oppression of Nazi Germany, the German ocean liner MS St. Louis was anchored so close to the Florida coast, its passengers could see the lights of Miami. (Florida History Network)

Even though the American military were perfectly aware of the Death/Concentration Camps which the Nazis used to murder Jews and others they considered undesirable, stopping that cruel and inhuman situation was not part of the American plan.

Roosevelt's government didn't protest the earlier antisemitic policies of the Nazis either.

And today, over seventy years later, when the foreign policies of Democratic politicians endanger the security of the State of Israel still the vast majority of American Jewry votes Democrat.

I'm not surprised that Keith Ellison has a strong chance of heading the Democratic Party, because he really represents its policies:
“The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million,” said Ellison, D-Minn. “Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right? When the Americans who trace their roots back to those 350 million get involved, everything changes. Can I say that again?” Keith Ellison 
Ellison is now trying to clean up his image, but whitewashing all of his anti-Israel statements is just cosmetic. It doesn't change the essence of Ellison.

For those who fear the Republicans because of the old KKK connections, get real. The BDS and pro-Palestinian groups are much, much larger and a greater danger to democracy, world peace and Israel.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Turmoil in Bibi's Coalition

Bezalel Smotrich: Flash 90

The Israeli political scene is getting pretty tense, especially as the Amona destruction deadline approaches, and the competing legislative moves in passing the Regulation Law* gallop ahead.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu kicked out MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) from Saturday night’s discussion in his office about the Regulation Law, Channel 2 News reported.
According to the report, Netanyahu was angry at comments Smotrich made during an interview with the Haaretz newspaper, in which the Jewish Home MK hinted that the Prime Minister is a “coward”.
"You said that I am not right-wing and can't be relied on, so don't come in here," Netanyahu reportedly said to Smotrich. "I do not want to sit with you." (Arutz 7)
In recent Knesset Elections, those of us who support full Jewish Rights and Sovereignty in the Land of Israel, Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley and Golan debate the wisdom of voting for Likud or Jewish Home, formerly National Religious Party.

Those who promote voting Likud claim that it is the only way to keep the Left out of power and consider the Likud to be on the Right and protecting Jewish Rights etc.

And those who promote Bayit Yehudi/Jewish Home say that only if the Likud leader, who has been Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu for about twenty years, is dependent on a large Bayit Yehudi/Jewish Home as a necessary part of his coalition will there be pro-settlement policies.

As we watch Netanyahu buckle under the power of the Israeli Left which controls the media and the Supreme Court, it seems pretty obvious that those who predicted Leftist policies from the Likud were correct. Bibi spends too much time straddling the Center instead of building for Jews in the Land of Israel. He acts terrified of America and the Leftist Israeli judicial. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is no better, and the Jewish Home keeps getting threatened by coalition leaders. Many of its supporters would prefer seeing Bennett and his MKs resign from the coalition hoping that new elections would be called.  The true gamblers are hoping that within the hours before it would take effect, Bibi would make a serious deal and policy changes to keep them in. The last thing Netanyahu wants right now is new elections. The Likud is not doing well in the polls, especially since Yair Lapid has been coming out with relatively Right wing statements.

What do you think? Please comment, thanks.

*"The Regulation Law is logical, and it's what the Torah wants, it's logic and ethics," Ben-Gvir said, adding this is the right time to insist on the Regulation Law, since "if it doesn't pass, more than 2,500 homes in Judea and Samaria will collapse like dominoes, and the government will be responsible for it."
Itamar Ben-Gvir, Arutz 7

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fidel Castro, Something Israel Should Learn From Him

Fidel Castro  1926-2016
I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that ranking/rating the late Fidel Castro is probably more difficult than for any leader in recent history, or ever.

Most people either hate/abhor him or they admire and adore him. Very few are willing to admit that they see both sides simultaneously.

Nobody can deny that he was a terrible, cruel and extremely effective dictator. For his opponents he was a horror, a terror, and many Cubans risked their lives to flee Cuba especially in the early years of his rule reign. Cuba, like most of the island states in the area and Central America were (and still are) extremely poor with a small wealthy elite. And as far as I'm aware, people are still fleeing, at least from other countries.

Over a half a century after Castro took over Cuba, there's a big difference between Cuba and its neighbors. Although the Cubans are still living under strict dictatorship rule, which goes against the norms of modern western civil rights, they are healthy, have healthcare, education and food. In neighboring countries, conditions are much worse.

As a Jew I must say that Castro's Cuba was the only Communist country that allowed the Jewish community to function. Jews got special rations to replace pork and lard.

But as an Israeli there's something else I've admired about Castro for years. He didn't kowtow to American pressure. Unlike Israel, Cuba was and still is a very poor country and technologically behind. But that never made Castro think he needed the United States, even though earlier on he had been an admirer. American Presidents came and went while Castro continued his iron grip over Cuba, and even the past decade after he officially gave up his position, things didn't change.

Honestly, every time I hear some Israeli politician or the media preaching/repeating ad nauseum that:
"We can't ______, because the Americans won't allow/like it."
I cringe and then get angry, because we shouldn't pay any attention to what America says. The State of Israel is an independent country, not beholden or responsible to American Government officials. The United States has a long history of abusing its allies, taking them for granted and not backing them when in need. To be honest, the USA needs Israel more than most people realize, and Israel will get more from the USA if we stop acting so pathetic and desperate for approval.

Post-Castro, I hope that the Cuban people will be given more freedom and opportunities to build a stronger economy. And even more, I pray that our Israeli political leaders will behave as leaders and not followers.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Deja Vu, America Only Recognizes Tel Aviv

I'm pretty jaded when it comes to politics, whether Israeli, American or any other country's. I see political leaders as glorified self-promoting actors. They'll say anything for applause and votes, not quite in that order. Most have a crew of accomplished speechwriters who can tailor words to suit the audience. And that is why during American Presidential campaigns we pretty much always hear:
"If elected, I will move the American Embassy to Israel's Capital City, JERUSALEM!" {Applause and standing ovation.}
For decades, it has been a mantra, a rite of passage when visiting Israel or speaking to certain Jewish organizations in the quest to be nominated and then elected President of the United States of America. It's rare for anyone to be elected without reciting those magic words.

Ivanka and Jared Kushner on Succot
a few years ago.
Davka, I don't think that Donald Trump actually did say it, but his Jewish daughter, Ivanka, did:
Ivanka Trump says her father will move US embassy to Jerusalem ‘100%’ if elected
But I wouldn't hold my breath. Nothing personal against President Elect Trump, but in order to move the American Embassy, he's have to lobotomize/reprogram/restaff the perennially anti-Israel State Department and first officially recognize Jewish/Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, which is a long difficult process. Considering that the State Department has been anti-Israel forever and even recommended in 1947 to then President Harry Truman not to vote for a Jewish state in the United Nations, it wouldn't be easy.

And don't forget that Lame Duck Barack Hussein Obama has just re-thrown a wrench into the works by renewing the perennial presidential waiver.
In keeping with every other presidential administration over the last 20 years, a White House statement cited “national security interests” in waiving Congress’s 1995 decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and transfer its embassy there.
Every president since Bill Clinton has cited national security in presidential waivers signed every six months that have postponed the embassy’s relocation. (Times of Israel)
Been there, done that...

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May You Have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat

Thursday, December 1, 2016

CHODESH TOV!! Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh

Today is the first day of the Jewish Month of Kislev. In just over three weeks it will be Chanukah, and the following Rosh Chodesh, Tevet, will be towards the end of the holiday in four weeks time. This morning was a perfect morning to walk around Tel Shiloh and pray at the site of the Biblical Tabernacle.

Women's Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh
Rosh Chodesh Tevet, 5777 
Friday December 30, 2016 
1st of Tevet, 5777, 8:30am 
Hallel and Musaf for Rosh Chodesh 
Tour of Tel Shiloh 
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson 

Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors. 

תפילת נשים ראש חודש טבת
בשילה הקדומה, תל שילה
יום ו' 30-12-2016
 א' טבת, תשע"ז 8:30
הלל ומוסף לראש חודש
יהיה דבר תורה קצר וסיור בתל
כדאי לבוא ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

So, take out your Jewish Calendar, 5777, and mark the day. If you have more questions about it, please contact me shilohmuse@gmail.com with "Rosh Chodesh" as subject. Our women's dovening isn't a version of synagogue prayers. We sing Hallel out loud and then doven Musaf individually. 

Maybe because of yesterday's cleansing rain, I spotted quite a few interesting looking stones that seemed to have carvings. It was interesting, because usually I don't see anything besides stones/gravel and old pottery shards. There has been a lot of work at the Tel recently. We noticed a lot of changes. It never stays the same.

There's lots more to do at Shiloh Hakeduma besides our monthly prayers, so I suggest that you contact them and visit. For more information call 02-994-4019. They seem to have a new activity, which looks like a giant puzzle.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

GUEST POST: How to Convict the New York Times

How to Convict the New York Times
(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)
How can we PROVE that the New York Times suffers from a relentless anti-Israel bias?

[1] Go to www.aish.com. Find the text box that says “Search Aish.com”. This text box is at the upper-right corner of that web site.  Then type in “New York Times” and press the [ENTER] key. This should result in the display of numerous matching articles that document the fanatical anti-Israel bias of the New York Times.

[2] Go to www.5tjt.com. Find the text box that says “Search in site”. This text box is at the upper-right corner of that web site.  Then type in “New York Times” and press the [ENTER] key. This should result in the display of numerous articles that document the anti-Israel hatred of the New York Times.

[3] Go to http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com. Find the text box that says “Search”. This text box is at the upper-right corner of that web site.  Then type in “New York Times” and press the [ENTER] key. This should result in the display of numerous articles that document the anti-Israel hatred of the New York Times.

[4] Go to www.algemeiner.com. Then go to the magnifying-lens symbol on the upper-right corner of the screen.  Click on that icon to invoke a text box where you can type in “New York Times” and then click on the button that says [SEARCH]. This should result in the display of numerous articles that document the anti-Israel bias of the New York Times.
[5] Go to www.matzav.com. Then go to the magnifying-lens symbol on the upper-right corner of the screen.  Click on that icon to invoke a text box where you can type in “New York Times” and then click on the button that says [SEARCH]. This should result in the display of numerous articles that document the anti-Israel bias of the New York Times.

[6] Go to: www.camera.org * www.HonestReporting.com * www.memri.org.
[7] If the previous steps did not work for you, then try these web links:

An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth
by Matti Friedman, 2014/8/26

SUMMARY: This article exposes intentional anti-Israel bias in the news media.
It is still VERY relevant, even thought it was written in 2014.

Long Term Study of NYT Reveals a Bias Against Israel:

J’Accuse by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, 2014/7/30

Welcome to the world of The New York Times,
where only Palestinians have sympathetic eyewitnesses:

“One [New York] Times opinion editor, Matt Seaton, even admitted last year [2014 CE] that the newspaper has a policy of veering away from criticism of Palestinians.”

SOURCE: Final sentence of article titled:
New York Times Editor: Coverage of Israel Most Criticized Aspect of Opinion Pages
by Shiryn Ghermezian, 2015 October 14, found in: The Algemeiner.

New York Times op-ed: Wipe Israel Off-The-Map:

2016/11/23: New York Times Erases Israel from Map:

2013/11/19: New York Times articles are not attacking
“occupation” anymore, but the very idea of a Jewish state:

Why I’m Unsubscribing to the New York Times:

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said this on 2013/11/29:
"Many of the Israel’s most prominent and hateful critics are Jews who
become willful tools of those who wish to destroy the Jewish state
and bitterly oppose any expression of Jewish nationalism.
Some of them traditionally write for the New York Times."

SOURCE: Rabbi Steven Pruzansky is the spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, a synagogue consisting of nearly 600 families located in Teaneck, New Jersey.
Why Pray for Tzahal-IDF:

How to Pray for Tzahal-IDF:

PLEASE help SUE the terrorists in court:

Ancient Roman historian connected Jews with Land of Israel and Jerusalem:
Mr. Patrick Condell has no Jewish ancestors
and no religion that might cause him to favor Jews.

Thankful Shiloh isn't Surrounded by Forests and Parks

The other morning, while riding to work in Kochav Hashachar, which is southeast of Shiloh, I took a good look at the view, at the land and lack of trees once we passed the small groves of olive trees and some vineyards just past Shvut Rachel.

on the way to Kochav Hashachar

entrance of Kochav Hashachar

Just outside of Shiloh

As you can see from the photos, it's the barrenness surrounding Shiloh and the communities to the east that saved us from the aishtafada.

If you remember, a few months ago, there was a fire started to the west of Shiloh which burnt down some olive trees. But since it wasn't near enough to any yishuv, nobody was in any real danger.

Gd willing, the rain will keep us all safe for awhile, and our government will wisen up and start executing Arab terrorists without trials. But that's another post...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dumb Question: Voter Identity in USA, Easy to Cheat?

As you may know, I've never voted in American Elections. We made aliyah a couple of months before my first possibility. In those days, voting age was twenty-one 21. I turned the age in May, got on the boat late August, and Elections were in November. It never even crossed my mind to apply for an Absentee Ballot. And over the almost half a century since then, I've gotten no further than mulling over the issue.

Here in Israel voting is very organized and it's pretty hard to cheat, other than those who arrive with an Identity Card of a similar looking dead person who hasn't been registered as dead, or the same sort of thing with someone hospitalized. As long as nobody in the polling station staff realizes it or "squeals," it can be done.

Yes, in Israel we have Identity Cards, with pictures. Some of us have very old ones, which can be problematic, since we don't look much like the photos. That's why there's usually a lot of pressure on the staff in the Ministry of the Interior to produce new cards for many in the weeks before an election. 

In Shiloh and other small communities, there's pretty much always a neighbor on the "staff" who can easily vouch. Also, we're all sent notices telling us exactly where we are supposed to vote. And we must vote there. If there was a mistake by the clerk in the Ministry of Interior, which happens --such as sending someone to Shilat, rather than Shiloh-- one can get free public transportation.

There's no "absentee ballot/voting" in Israel. The closest is the voting by soldiers, diplomats stationed abroad, etc. And those ballots are in multiple envelopes to preserve secrecy. On the outer envelope is the name and ID number of the voter. After polling station votes are counted, then those envelopes are checked to see if that ID number had voted in person. If so, the envelope is voided, ripped, destroyed whatever.

Now, in the United States, there aren't required Identity Cards, and from what I've read, there is no longer an assigned place to vote. So how does it work? Besides just trusting people...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Aishtafada: Israel on Receiving End of Help/Aid

When my sons were teens they both volunteered in the local fire station, which in Hebrew is called כיבוי חילוץ Kibu'i Chilutz, Fire-Put-Out and Rescue. It's call that, because until pretty recently in Israel most homes are traditionally made of bricks and cement, so homes rarely burnt down. There could be relatively small electric fires in a home, but not the sort of scenes we've seen this past week during the aishtafada, when houses literally went up in smoke, since it has been getting more and more popular to build quickly with prefabricated materials, which also insulate better.

Periodically, late summer, early winter before the rains, there would be forest or park fires, but until the Arab terrorists began this new genre of terrorism, purposely setting fires by cities and villages, they never had to deal with such a phenomenon as a neighborhood going up in smoke and flames.

The fire departments here in Israel used to spend most of its time doing "rescue" jobs, like cutting through cars, trucks and buses which had turned over in accidents to rescue drivers and passengers.

This aishtafada, when Arab terrorists simultaneously lit fires in multiple locations, stressed and stretched the Israeli and IDF fire/rescue abilities beyond their capabilities. One of the miracles we've seen is that other countries came to our aid. Granted, from what I understand Israel had to pay for some of this assistance like the American which was from a private contractor, but the coordination of all of these different anti-fire services has been stupendous and miraculous.

Facebook Israel MFA

At the same time, troops on the ground managed to arrest some of the aishtafada terrorists, 37 suspected arsonists arrested, including 18 Israeli Arabs. No doubt that this isn't the end of the story, and they'll try again. Terror knows no boundaries... This is further proof that the Arabs, who are being called "Palestinians," sic, are not a nation/people deserving a state; they are psycho/sociopaths who should be banned and banished.

GUEST POST: Joshua chapter 13 verse 1

GUEST POST by Mr. Cohen:

Joshua, chapter 13, verse 1

In the Biblical Book of Joshua, chapter 13, verse 1, G_d rebuked the prophet Joshua for failing to conquer the entire Land of Israel for the nation of Israel. 
In the next five (5) verses, G_d tells Joshua exactly which pieces of land remain to be conquered.

Every word and every sentence of the Biblical Book of Joshua has been part of the Jewish faith for 33 centuries, and will continue to be a permanent part of the Jewish faith forever.

The Babylonian Talmud, tractate Megillah, page 14A, explains that only prophecies that were needed for future generations were recorded in the Bible. Since Joshua chapter 13 was recorded in the Bible, all generations of Jews must learn from it.

Furthermore, the Biblical Book of Ezekiel teaches that the messiah will increase the size of the land of Israel by conquering more lands. Ancient Rabbis taught that in the era of the messiah, the land of Israel will include both sides of the Jordan River. This is not something that we must do in our times, but it will eventually happen in the era of the messiah.

The concept of giving away the land-of-Israel in exchange for peace with Gentiles is NEVER mentioned in: the Bible, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Babylonian Talmud, the writings of Maimonides, the Code of Jewish Law and its commentaries, or any ancient Jewish book, because it is a gross violation of the Jewish faith.
500 American Indian nations gave away their land in exchange for peace. 
500 American Indian nations and their languages are long-extinct

Great Britain gave Adolph Hitler land (Austria) in exchange for peace. 
WWII and the Holocaust
If giving away land in exchange for peace is such a great idea,
then why don't the Arabs nations give away THEIR lands for peace?

Considering that the Arabs have more than 300 times more land
than Israel, they certainly have more to work with.
If creating a Palestinian State  is such a great idea, then why don't
the Arabs nations give away THEIR lands to create a Palestinian State
in Iraq or Saudi Arabia or Libya or Algeria?
Considering that the Arabs have more than 300 times more land
than Israel, they certainly have more to work with.
How ADL Betrays Jews:

Why Pray for Tzahal-IDF:

How to Pray for Tzahal-IDF:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fire on My Mind

The aishtafada has wiped out, or burnt up, the rest of my thoughts right now. Imagine a family relaxing on Shabbat, removed from all the weekday concerns, television off, cellphone off and suddenly they are roused from their relaxation, sleep, peaceful pursuits and told to grab themselves and flee their homes. Yes, on Shabbat, when they are only permitted to travel to save their lives.

Yes, this was to save their lives! They had to leave their homes, the entire community!! The Arab terrorists who value neither life, Land or property lit fires around Neve Tzuf, a Jewish town southwest of Shiloh.

The neighborhood is gone, burnt by Arab terrorists!!

Eighteen of those families now have absolutely no home. Their homes were burnt to a crisp and can't be repaired. Their possessions are gone, history. They were hosted by neighboring communities, including an impromptu Bar Mitzvah, which obviously could not take place where planned.

Many groups are doing fundraising for them do doubt. Click here for one of them.

Last night I turned on Israeli TV stations to try to get more information about the fire, news, aishtafada, but they all had their scheduled shows on. When the fires had been burning in the Haifa area, there were special broadcasts, but when there were Jewish communities in Samaria/Binyamin burning, nothing. There's more news on Facebook than anyplace else, though some is fake. But there are plenty of lies in The New York Times, too.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The "Aishtafada" Arab Arson Terror Continues

As further proof that the Arabs hate this Land and are only demanding a state to kick out Jews and form another judenrein apartheid state, they've been intentionally burning up Jewish communities all over Israel.

The Arab terrorists are getting bolder and bolder, which is making it easier to catch them in the act, but the only thing that can stop the fires would be rain, lots of rain. And only Gd can give us that.

before and after


Arutz 7

This is all so horrible. I've been looking at the weather forecast. Just after Shabbat it showed no sign of rain until maybe Wednesday night. Now there may be a drizzle on Tuesday. Here in the Holy Land, rain is controlled by Gd to reward and/or punish us. May we merit rain and as soon as possible, Gd willing.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Latest News: Fires are New Arab Terror Tool

At first it seemed like the fires that had begun all over Israel were just more of the periodic late summer, pre-rain fires that are almost spontaneous in climates like Israel. A month ago, after a very long dry summer, there was a bit of rain, but since then the humidity has been summer-like low, so the first fires were considered "expected."

A plane drops fire retardant on a forest fire in Nataf, near Jerusalem | Photo credit: EPA, Israel Hayom

But then the experts began to notice that the spread of new fires wasn't of "natural causes" or patterns, and on the spot investigations showed them to have been set by Arab terrorists, some who have already been caught.

Stand With Us put out a map:

Terrible fires raging in Israel that have now been confirmed by the spokesman of the fire department Yoram Levi as arson attacks. The perpetrators of these crimes have endangered thousands and caused immense damage to people's homes, lives, and of course the environment. We strongly condemn them. Praying for a swift end to the fires and the safety of all those affected.

These fires, like the peculiar lunar calendar of the Moslems, is further proof that they neither own nor love the Land. How can they destroy the flora, fauna and homes here in the Holy Land? They celebrate terror and murder, and this is just another terrorist tool for them.

The ray of true light during this terrible time is that Israel is being helped by other countries, which is so rare:
Countries send aid to fight fires across Israel
Countries that have dispatched aid so far are Greece, Italy, Croatia, Russia, Cyprus, and Turkey. The aid amounts to 10 planes. (Arutz 7)
May Gd speedily send rain to douse the flames.
Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May there be a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat for All

Davka in "Red" Haifa...

Haifa was always known as the "red city," but they weren't talking about flames and anti-fire chemicals.

Firefighting aircraft in Haifa (Photo: Evyatar Alkobi)

As an industrial port city, Haifa has traditionally been a Labor party stronghold. The strong presence of dock workers and trade unions earned it the nickname 'Red Haifa.' In addition, many prominent Arabs in the Israeli Communist Party, among them Tawfik ToubiEmile HabibiZahi KarkabiBulus Farah and Emile Toma, were from Haifa.

More has come out about the terror source of these fires. Yes, it's the new Arab terrorism, and davka, now there are Arabs condemning it and also hosting families, Jews and Arabs alike who've been forced out of their homes.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sadly Deja Vu, Thousands of Years Later

We the Jewish People are amazingly lucky. Gd keeps giving us more chances, after we fail to heed His warnings. This week listening to Yael Ziegler in Matan, "Kings, Prophets and Hurban," I kept feeling that she was reading from a recent blog post I could have written. No, it's not that she's political, not at all. But we're learning IIKings Chapters 17-18, and in it Gd warns the Jewish People that only He can save us, not any foreign king.
39But the Lord your God you shall fear, and He will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies."
לטכִּי אִם אֶת יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהֵיכֶם תִּירָאוּ וְהוּא יַצִּיל אֶתְכֶם מִיַּד כָּל אֹיְבֵיכֶם:
That's a very timely reminder for us. As you know, I enjoy following politics, Israeli and American. And I honestly believe without one iota of a doubt that Donald Trump's policies vis–à–vis Israel will be much better than Hillary Clinton's would have been. But I certainly don't see him, or any other foreigner, Jew or non-Jew, as a messiah/savior of the State of Israel.

Our fate, our future relies in our hands and our deeds, not connected any way with anyone else, even President of the United States of America.

I also believe in the Nachshon effect, meaning that just like the sea parted, making a safe dry pathway when Nachshon stepped in, allowing the Jewish People to safely flee Egypt, if we are firm and confident doing what is best for the Jewish People and the Jewish State of Israel, the world will quiet down.

The pressures we suffer from today, whether from outside enemies or local terrorism etc. are due entirely to our lack of confidence, our kowtowing to foreign demands and leaders who shouldn't have any power over us. We've given them power over ourselves, and we must take it away.

The world will follow our lead, and if we act like a dog chasing its tail, as we have been doing for much too long, we will be treated badly and bossed around. Only when we make it clear that we are an independent sovereign nation that will abide no more abuse, aggression, verbal, diplomatic and military will our enemies cease their fight against us. That is the meaning of "a light among nations." The light comes from us via Gd.

Gd has offered us "matching funds," as long as we live our lives according to the mitzvot, commandments Gd has commanded us.

Gd willing we will begin to act as we should, bimhaira biyameinu, speedily in our days...